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7.april-10.april 2017

S6XTM_TI / Ignis Al Fata / Scehozaz Wakker / Elbe Lawrence / Dadiana Licciardi / Silenus Wirgo

/ Dr Mille / Frederic Henry / ChaXcusca / Mykolai Karmonski

Galleri RAM is proud to present the exhibition Unterwanderung,

Curated by Valerie Mazzanti.

Spanning from the 18th century to the present, Unterwanderung features ten radically distinctive artists, with a selection of ten evocative works. Common for these artists is that their work has either been rejected by their contemporaries or deliberately withheld from scrutiny.

The exhibition explores the world of radical otherness, with a common point of departure - a belief in the liquidity of gender, ethnicity and identity, and a prevailing need to engage in art on behalf of the strange and unusual. From the enigmatic character of the theosophy-affiliated Dr Frederic Henry, to the notorious Australian hacker turned activist S6XTM_TI, Unterwanderung aims to uncover the curious undercurrents of artistic production throughout the last two centuries. In the hypermediated field of cultural exchange, an artistic tendency has seemed to reemerge - the idea of withdrawing from the spectator's gaze.

The renowned curator Valerie Mazzanti has throughout her career investigated the field of autodidactic artists, art brut and art naïve. Mazzanti believes that her research will open up for a new space of contemplation, where easily defined categories are forced to be reexamined. The works were never meant to be neither displayed nor defined within an art historical context - before now.

Showcasing work by these artists in a single exhibition aims to, ultimately, question how we each perceive art, history and identity.

The project is supported by ENI and the Compagnia di San’Antonio Foundation

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