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Tanja Sæter

CATCH 1212 1:2


16. august - 23. september 2012

CATCH 1212 1:2 is Tanja Sæter’s first large-scale solo show in her hometown of Oslo. In the project wall mounted blown glassworks interact with an extensive spacious installation, where we are led to different places and narratives. Tanja Sæter almost draws with the glass as the material’s characteristics provide a variability in colours, transparency and a three dimensional aspect which also creates a sculptural dimension. 


At the root of the works of art is a preference for structure; the works are dynamic elements which can easily be changed to create new contexts or a new aesthetic in a metaphorical sense. The contrasts in the materials and the perception of heaviness and lightness reinforce the significance: The intense process in the actual glass blowing, the glass’s strength when it stiffens in its form compared to its fragile breakability.  
We can simply destroy the glass, but are in danger of being cut ourselves on a cruel, rough edge. White, delicate balloons forcibly gathered in secured transportation strapping, convey a surprising and childlike, but at the same time, transitory and protective element in Sæter’s space. 

Sæter appreciates both the importance of technical skills and a vital professional environment at the same time as she seeks intellectual challenges which she takes on in the field of contemporary art. In addition she is a widely discussed designer. 

The exhibition continues in part 2:2 in Møre og Romsdal Kunstnersenter in Molde in October this year.  


Tanja Sæter (born 1975) is trained at Konstfack (Art and Design University College) in Stockholm and at Glasskolan (The Glass School) at Kosta in Sweden. She has made several study visits various institutions all over the world in order to continue her studies. She has applied this thorough professional background over ten years in Sweden whilst exploring perfected workmanship and working with design and pure art projects as for the exhibition at RAM.  

She has created prominent international work such as the ongoing “GLASSTRESS”, initiated by the Venice Biennale in 2011, the exhibition Post Fossile, 21_21 Design Sight for the famous Issey Miyake Design Museum in Tokyo in 2010 and was one of the artists curator Li Edelkoort’s chose during the Milan Furniture Fair in 2008.  

Sæter has had several art commissions and her works have been purchased by The Norwegian Royal Palace, Norway’s consulate in New York and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

She has also been awarded the prestigious awards Kunsthåndverksprisen (The Arts and Crafts Award) and Scheiblers Legat. 

Tanja Sæter lives and works in Oslo.  

Welcome to the press preview on Tuesday 14th August at 14:00.  

The exhibition opens on Thursday 16th August 19:00. Introduction by Åse Kleveland. 

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