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Tales of Heroes

Design Flanders, Pieter Boons & Heimat


30. mai - 23. juni 2013

Do we have a need to recognise something from the past when surrounded by contemporary design? In the Tales of Heroes exhibition, we meet new Flemish and Brussels-based designers through a range of thirty objects, carefully prepared by curator Inge Vranken. Most of the objects represent small-scale production, some bordering on artwork using materials and experimental elements.  

The exhibition concept is, according to its title, about giving each object a type of heroic story. Production designer Pieter Boons has constructed the new design with finds and old objects into a large amalgamated ”Gesamtkunstwerk”, where the story of each item leads to new stories. Nostalgia is sometimes perceived as a forbidden and naive concept. In this exhibition the nostalgia is so humorous and self-ironic that the audience will get exactly what they want from it; their own version, the future seen with icons from the past within a preconceived outline.   

The exhibition opens Thursday 30 May at 19.00. Introduction from Belgian ambassador in Norway, Michel Godfrind. 

The project has been produced together with Design Flanders. The exhibition is on a world tour and RAM gallery is its only stop in Norway. 

Welcome to a press viewing Wednesday 29 May at 14.00.

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