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Eva Kun

Light Installation


28. august - 29. september 2013

Eva Kun, her work is the light itself, and the light is the work itself. In the major new exhibition, designed especially for the RAM galleri premises, we are in a spatial landscape created by lighting cable as medium and material, line and tool.  

In the darkened gallery space, the lines – or the cables – almost grasp at the ceiling in their eagerness to create a quivering new space. The encounter with the space and the gaps is movable and dependent on the body. The passages and the multitude of different angles not only create awareness of the relationship between the body and the gaze, but also of the relationship between the space and the gaps in the installations. The light changes in and out of step with the distance, is slightly coloured by the distance you choose to look at it from, and the beauty of the light is interrupted by the discomfort felt when it becomes too intense and takes over the focus. 

New images are created by the cross points in the double layers of the walls, and in the stretch from floor to ceiling, sculptures of light are formed which are morphed from curves to straight lines. The dimensions give power to both the artist’s passion for space versus body, and also the experience of the diversity in the individual expression.  

The long lines and references to time and quietude in the process with the infinitely long cables which create new form, give meaning to Kun’s works as a branch of contemporary neo-modernism, which Ingvill Henmo writes about in the catalogue for Eva Kun’s previous exhibition “Kvit Akse” (White Axis), reproduced here in art historian Dag Sveen’s article about Kun:    

Eva Kun is originally from Hungary. She is a much-used practitioner, has held solo and group exhibitions at home in Norway and abroad, teaches at the Bergen School of Architecture and is the artist behind many public commissions. She lives and works in Bergen. Read more here: 

Welcome to the opening at 6 pm on 22 August. Introduction by the artist and writer Anne Karin Jortveit. 

The project is supported by the Arts Council Norway and Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (Norwegian visual artists’ association). 

Welcome to the press viewing at 1 pm on Wednesday 21 August.

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