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May Snevoll Krogh



14. august - 28. september 2014

May Snevoll von Krogh has created an interactive lanscape, an installation that combines ceramic and light. The installation consists of a field of flowers made from high fired porcelain. Each flower is illuminated from inside. Sensors captures the sounds and movements in the galleryspace , and causes the lights go off one after the other, moving backwards , as if the flowers notify each other of a danger. The light then gradually comes back.  

In this way, the audiences movements will influence how the work develops.  

The light inside the flowers is programmed to change color and strength in slow movements, as a cornfield in nature can change form and color depending on the weather.  

"Thematically, I am concerned about how our actions and choices affect the environment, and what consequences choices we make can have on the environment around us. Human distance from nature and the "natural", and lack of physical presence in the world, are also subjects I´m preoccupied with.  

With this installation, I want to emphasize the repercussions of the choices we make, both as a desire for increased awareness and responsibility, but also as a reminder of our vulnerability. " 


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